October 30, 2013

Neon Invasion Fun Run 2013- Quezon City Memorial Circle ( Dec. 7 )

Are you ready for the funkiest and most colorful running event of the year? End the year with glowing colors, as Neon Invasion brings us a one-of-a-kind fun run. Run, walk, jog, or dance your way to 5 km of music, 4 eras, 3 Djs, 2 bands and 1 wild and crazy neon party.

This will be a non-timed event, so participants could just enjoy and slowly dance the night away. 

All runners will be provided with a custom neon singlet, race bib, glow packet, neon items on every kilometer run (on-site), protective eye mask, colored water cups (on-site), care package and lap information. 

What neon color are you? 
Choose from 6 neon colors: blue, green, violet, orange, pink, yellow

What to expect from this run?

Glow Sticks.
Runners will receive 2 glow sticks in every round they make. 

Glow Water and Glow Paint.
Be prepared to get sprayed with a specially formulated, safe and non-toxic glow water during the event.
Arrive early for a pre-party primping at designated glow paint and neon stations. 

You are free to bring your camera and capture this colorful event, but be mindful of the coloring and moisture that your gadgets will be exposed to. 

Relive the music of the past with 4 different eras on every lap. 

A big, funky, groovy, wild and glowing party awaits all runners the moment they cross the finish line. Sing, dance, socialize as you groove to the beat of the music, making it a colorful and fun night to remember.

For more information, check out their facebook page: www.facebook.com/neoninvasion



  1. D: OMG that's awesome! sucks I'm not in the Philippines.

  2. this fun run sucked. for the organizers, karma will always find you. in the era of pork barrel and other scandals, it's amazing that crooks like these organizers still think they can get away with it.

    1. Was soooo disappointed with this event as well. Totally unorganized, didnt bother to stay.. I hope the organizers will do something about this and give all those who paid a refund! The whole event was far from what they promised and advertised..

  3. Sucked big time and Wavesound FB page is gone, Neon Fun run page is gone, even the posts on the QC city hall FB page are gone...unless of course we are all blocked from expressing our disappointment...

  4. napaka walang kwentang fun run. makakarma din kayo. lakas nyo mangurakot!!!


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