October 26, 2013

Teriyaki Boy Katipunan- New Look. New Logo. New Dishes.

Earlier this month, we were invited to dine at Teriyaki Boy's newly renovated branch in Katipunan. D and I went after office on a rainy Tuesday evening. The first thing we noticed upon our arrival was the restaurant's new logo. It now has an cartoonic icon of a boy with a headband. Teriyaki Boy has grown into a modern man. D was honest enough to say that he prefers the old one. Same sentiments here.. I miss the cute wide-eyed logo from before.

As we step into the restaurant, the interiors were noticeably hip, modern and edgy. It was actually designed by the famous Architect Ed Calma

We settled in one of the couches together with Sumi and J who were already waiting for us. Then we started to feast on Teriyaki Boy's new dishes and offerings.

Starting off with the Beef Tataki (P499)- wafu steak, grilled and seared on top of a layer of buttered mixed mushrooms. 

Having served with this beef tataki makes me feel like dining in an upscale Japanese restaurant. The beef slices were perfectly seared, and D just can't get enough of the buttered mushrooms underneath. 

Gyoza (P122)- also known as potstickers. Japanese pork dumplings steamed and seared until crisp served with a tangy soy-based dipping sauce.

These Japanese dumplings kinda remind me of Lan Zhou La Mian's kuchay dumplings. Pretty good.

Okonomiyaki (P88)- Japanese savory pancake made of a special batter recipe, vegetables, squid, topped with bonito flakes.

Savory and tasty but a bit floury for my liking.

Lechon Kawali Salad (P219)- a Filipino-inspired dish made into a Japanese savory salad. Crunchy lechon kawali on a bed of fresh greens, drizzled with wasabi dressing. 

An interesting creation of healthy and sinful. But since I am not a fan of wasabi, I didn't appreciate this so much. Plus, we all wished the lechon kawali was meatier too. 

Dragon Maki (P399)- savory roll of breaded  shrimp, covered with sushi rice, topped with grilled eel and sesame seeds.

Chikuwa Fish Tempura (P219)- battered and deep fried fish cake wrapped in nori with cream cheese center.

Of course, we also didn't miss Teriyaki Boy's new maki rolls. We loved the classic Dragon Maki, but found the second one more interesting, unique and delicious.

Wafu Steak (P366)- Premium diced-cut beef, perfectly seared and stir-fried with garlic and tepanyaki sauce, served with a siding of savory sesame moyashi.

Gyu Don (P314)- thinly sliced beef with signature Teriyaki Boy sauce, topped with raw egg and sesame seeds, laid on a bed of steamed Japanese rice.

Just as we were about to start ordering for desserts, D ordered for his favorite bowl of Gyudon. It wasn't as sweet as I wanted it to be, but he excitedly devoured the bowl in an instant. 

Green Tea Jelly (P120) and Mango Bavarian (P110)

A light, pudding like dessert that's not so sweet. Both were ok, but lacked the distinctive flavor to it.

Mango Tempura w/ Vanilla Ice Cream (P229)

This dessert would be a hit if ripe mangoes were actually used. We were not able to finish this as the mangoes were really very sour. 

Teriyaki Boy Menu:

With the rebranding of Teriyaki Boy, expect a whole new Teriyaki Boy experience with their new dishes and modern ambiance, to consistently satisfy the ever-changing preference and lifestyle of its loyal customers. 

It's Beryllicious Picks:
Beef Tataki
Chikuwa Fish Tempura

Other Japanese restaurants in the Metro:

Teriyaki Boy- Katipunan
313 Paladoma Building, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Tel Num: 929-6399


  1. Based on the price and quality, I prefer tempura over T-boy still. But, if ever I dine there I'll try the beef tataki =)

  2. maybe one day i'll pay them a second visit. didn't have a great experience during my first try with teriyaki boy a few months ago. the food was great but the service was awful! hopefully things have changed for the better with their rebranding.

  3. Rhea Liza Lirios MunozApril 09, 2014

    wow.. it looks all delicious!!! want to try Gyu don, wafu steak and beef tataki.. nice review!!!


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