April 10, 2015

Chizu Homemade Cheese Cupcakes and Bites- Baked with Love and Happy Hearts

One of my favorite desserts is cheesecake. So when I received these bright yellow-colored boxes from Chizu last week, I knew it's gonna be a happy long weekend for me. The packaging alone made me giddy with excitement as I opened them one by one.

Chizu is known for their "homemade cheese-filled goodies baked with love and happy hearts". They have been selling their homemade cheese cupcakes for a while now, and it isn't surprising that they already got a loyal following for their delicious baked goodies. 

Chizu Bites are heavenly bite-sized cupcakes packed with delicious cheesy goodness. It's the ideal snack or dessert that's not too heavy and filling.

But if you're a cheesecake lover like me, I recommend going for the regular-sized Chizu cheese cupcakes for a more satisfying and indulgent treat. 

I love that the cupcakes were not too sweet, as you taste a hint of saltiness from the grated cheese on top. Texture was dense, moist and creamy without the "umay" effect. In fact I could finish 2-3 regular Chizu cupcakes in one sitting.

Go ahead, and satisfy your cheese cravings with a box or two of Chizu Cheese Cupcakes and Bites.

Chizu Cheese Cupcakes Pricelist:
Chizu Regular
Pack of 3's- P100
Box of 6's- P200
Box of 12's- P375

Chizu Bites
Box of 12's- P150
Box of 24's- P250
Box of 36's- P350

For more information, check out Chizu's facebook page: or contact 09175066269 for orders and inquiries.