April 24, 2015

Osaka Ohsho Launches Teppanyaki Festival- It's More Than Just Gyoza

When one mentions Osaka Ohsho, the first thing that comes into mind is gyoza. Why? Well, Osaka Ohsho is simply dubbed as "The King of Gyoza" or "The World's No. 1 Gyoza".

We were introduced to Osaka Ohsho's classic gyoza flavors during our first visit, and were recently impressed with their new Fuwatoro dishes and unique gyoza flavors

Now, Osaka Ohsho brings us their all new Teppanyaki Festival. Featuring 8 new and original Teppanyaki favorites, each dish is created to tickle the palate and show that Osaka Ohsho is more than just gyoza. 

Bacon Cut Pork Belly Asparagus Teppanyaki (P250)

Osaka Ohsho surely knows how to make carnivores eat their vegetables with this savory dish of good and evil. Generous bundles of farm fresh asparagus spears are wrapped in sukiyaki-sliced pork belly strips, and drizzled in a sweet and savory Japanese teriyaki sauce. 

Mixed Mushroom & Bacon Teppanyaki (P310)

Another alternative is this medley of premium Shitake, Shimeji Brown, and Eringi Japanese mushrooms, with fresh asparagus spears wrapped in honey-cured belly bacon strips. I personally liked this earthy dish of mushrooms and bacon complemented by the tangy Urinchi dipping sauce. 

Seafood lovers are in for a treat as Osaka Ohsho also offers a selection of fresh and mouth-watering seafood dishes. 

Salmon Bacon Teppanyaki (P370)

A chunky slice of Norwegian pink salmon is wrapped in premium honey cured belly bacon strips and doused in Japanese teriyaki sauce. The salmon remained moist and tender, preserving its ocean fresh taste and texture in every bite. 

Prawn Teppanyaki (P495)

How can one resist when served with a platter of Black Tiger Prawns sautéed in butter and garlic? The premium seasoned prawns were simple yet tasty with or without the wasabi mayo dip. 

Mixed Shellfish Teppanyaki (P325)

I'm not much into shellfish (except for scallops) but this platter of mixed mussels, clams, and scallops was so tasty I can't seem to get enough. The dish was well-seasoned with garlic & Japanese sake, then sautéed in a Japanese onion sauce served with sautéed mixed vegetables. 

Sakana Matsuri Teppanyaki (P420)

The trio of ocean fresh Norwegian Pink Salmon, Pacific Blue Marlin, and Yellow fin Tuna steaks are sautéed in butter, garlic, and Japanese sake, with a hint of tanginess for a nice contrast of flavors.

Ika Sugataki (P250)

You certainly can't go wrong ocean fresh squid rings, sautéed in a spicy Japanese sauce. 

Sake Beef Teppanyaki (P330)

Last but not the least, a must-try is this meaty plate of sukiyaki sliced beef strips sautéed in Japanese sake, garlic and butter, and served with a side of Japanese coleslaw. 

Osaka Ohsho Teppanyaki Festival Menu:

Head over to Osaka Ohsho at the 3rd level of the SM Megamall Fashion Hall and check out the Teppanyaki Festival today. Hurry as these new teppanyaki dishes are available for a limited time only starting on March 16, 2015.

Osaka Ohsho
3/F SM Mega Fashion Hall (Bldg. D), SM Megamall, Mandaluyong
Contact num: 0917-8285011
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/OsakaOhshoPH

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