July 4, 2012

Dimsum at Li Li 利 利 Chinese Restaurant- Hyatt Hotel & Casino

Welcome to the Wine Cellar- One of the private dining rooms in Hyatt's residential inspired Chinese restaurat- Li Li. 

I was lucky to be one of Li Li's guests for a Gongfu tea ceremony and luncheon feast wherein we were served with Li Li's best tasting dimsum favorites. 

The Art of GongFu

The Gongfu tea ceremony is a presentation
based on the tea preparation approach
which originated in Fujian and Guangdong
in the 1940's.

The original term gong fu cha literally
means "skill" or "capability". The tradition
of the Gongfu tea ceremony is to show guests
how welcome they are in a friend's home or
place of business. 

Each gesture and artful movement is done with
deep respect and intention.

Respect for the guest being served...
Respect for self...
Respect for the art of tea.

Before we started the luncheon, we were served with some refreshments that only Hyatt offers. Their Signature Guava Iced Tea is something you should not miss during your stay in Hyatt Hotel. I must admit, it is definitely one of the best iced tea I've had. 

And to begin our dimsum feast, appetizers of peanuts and pickled veggies were served on the table.

Shanghai-style Steamed Pork & Crab Meat Dumpling

Our favorite Xiao Long Bao is made with tender pork and crab meat filling with a rich broth delicately wrapped inside a thin layer of coating.  

Biting a hole at the top part of the dumpling then putting a few drops of black vinegar with ginger would make the Xiao Long Bao tastier and more flavorful.

Deep Fried Taro Dumplings with Assorted Seafood

One of my favorite deep fried dimsum is Taro Puff but seldom do I get to taste a really good one. Luckily, Li Li's version didn't fail me. It has the right amount of puffiness that I am looking for with  generous amount of soft mashed taro and seafood filling inside. Definitely one of the best!

Siomai/Steamed Pork with Dried Scallops

A classic dimsum favorite which is a regular find in most Chinese restaurants' menu. Li Li's Siomai was big, chunky and meaty filled with pure pork and scallop goodness. How I wish every Chinese restaurants could make their siomai this good. 

Hakao/Steamed Shrimp Dumpling

A crowd favorite, Li Li's Hakao was plump with 3 big pieces of fresh shrimp enclosed in a clear translucent sheet of soft and chewy hakao wrapper. 

Lobster and Asparagus Dumpling

This plate of Lobster and Asparagus Dumpling was compliments of the Chef himself who graciously visited our table to give us a warm welcome.

The presentation was really eye catching and for the taste.. even better. 

Beijing-Style Wok Fried Pork Dumpling

Simple as it is, these Pork Dumplings have pure meat fillings that will satisfy your dumpling cravings. It's also amazing that these dumplings were not that greasy given that they've been wok-fried. You may even think that they were steamed due to its soft and chewy wrapper.

Deep-Fried Bicho-Bicho with Shrimp in Wasabi-Mayonnaise Sauce

I am not a fan of bicho-bicho 'cause I find it too oily but Li Li's take on this deep fried doughnut proved otherwise. It wasn't that oily plus the shrimp pieces inside every piece was a perfect add on to the wasabi-mayo sauce drizzled on top.

Glutinous Dumpling with White Chocolate and Peanuts

To cap off our dimsum feast are these beautiful glutinous balls coated with nuts and filled with melted white chocolate.

A great meal ender, this soft glutinous ball got everything I love from mochi, to nuts, to white chocolate all rolled into one sweet satisfying dessert. 

Li Li offers their eat-all-you-can dimsum at a promo rate of P788 net per person and is available Mondays-Saturdays 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm.

Sunday Yum Cha at Li Li starts at 11:30 am to 3:00 pm for only P1,550 net per person.

Li Li Chinese Restaurant- Hyatt Hotel & Casino
5/F Hyatt Hotel, 1588 Pedro Gil cor. 
M.H Del Pilar St., Manila
Tel Number: 245-1234