February 22, 2013

Press Release: The Sea-son’s Best from BonChon

With sunnier skies and the beginnings of warmer days in the city, the time is nigh for longings of a taste of the sea.  While summer outings are yet some time away, city-dwellers can – in the meantime --  ride the mouth-watering wave of the Season’s Crispy Catch from BonChon.  The phenomenally successful global brand known for its crispy chicken secret showcases the best of the season with its new seafood offerings.

There is none more delicious a catch than the simply named Crispy Shrimp Rice: 4 plump, juicy shrimps cooked to super crispy perfection, delicately sauced with the addicting soy garlic or spicy BonChon glaze, and served hot over a bed of steamed rice.  A delectable dish at P125, also available as a meal with a regular drink for P145.

For a bigger splash, dive into the new BonChon Seafood Platter.  Great for sharing, it’s a veritable galley of sea bounty: shrimp, squid, and fish!  Loaded with 4 pieces of Crispy Shrimp; a mound of the classic Calamari (seasoned, coated squid rings) served with the well-loved BonChon spicy mayo; and 4 pieces of Crispy Fish – crunchy strips sauced with one’s choice of the trademark BonChon glaze.  The BonChon Seafood Platter is tsunami of seafood delights at P395.

Savor more underwater treasures with these dishes:

Crispy Squid Ricebox: Super crispy squid rings, glazed with the original soy garlic or spicy, then served over hot rice.  P125 a la carte, P145 with a regular drink.

Calamari: Classic dish of seasoned, coated squid rings that are fried, then served with the well-loved BonChon spicy mayo.  P125 a la carte.

There’s a lot more fish in this BonChon sea, all hard to resist: 

Fish & Chips: BonChon takes on the classic English favourite: crunchy fish strips sauced with soy garlic or spicy BonChon glaze, served with skin-on fries.  P125 a la carte, P145 with a regular drink.  Upgrade fries to large fries, sweet potato fries, or onion rings for an addition P15.

Crispy Fish Ricebox: BonChon Crispy Fish served with rice.  P145 with a regular drink.

Fish Taco: Inspired by the California food truck mishmash of Korean and Mexican.  Crisp fish cooked and sauced BonChon-style, topped with kimchi coleslaw, all in a flour tortilla. A great catch at P75.

The season’s forecast is light, crispy, and tasty – and it’s all at BonChon! Catch the sea-son’s best until April 21 in all BonChon stores nationwide.  

For more information, log onto www.bonchon.com.ph.


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  2. Marykay MarilaoJanuary 20, 2015

    Bonchon restaurant serves hot meal and so crunchy. My family loves to dine there.


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