June 1, 2013

Village Tavern Comes Up With New Dishes for their Anniversary- Bonifacio High Street, Taguig

To celebrate Village Tavern's 1st Year Anniversary, Chef Josh Boutwood, corporate chef of The Bistro Group came up with new and interesting dishes on their menu. 

First on the list is an appetizer of Crispy Clams w/ Spicy Lemon Dip (P375)- crunchy niblets of baby clams served with a spicy lemon dip

The clams may be small in size but I love this appetizer to bits. It was well-seasoned and tasty as I enjoyed munching on these perfectly crispy baby clams. It was good on its own even without the spicy lemon dip, but if you are a spicy lover, then dabbing a little of that creamy sauce is suggested. Best to squeeze out some lemons too. 

Next on the list is the Roasted Bone Marrow  (P295)served with toasted sourdough bread slices and apple cider vinegar dip

I was pretty excited to try this new appetizer since some restaurants started offering this sinful dish. Chef Josh explained how to enjoy this "cholesterol-free" treat and we did as we were told by putting some marrow into the sourdough bread, sprinkled some salt, drizzled it with cider vinegar and topped it off with some parsley. Honestly, we found the marrow a bit bland to the taste. I still prefer my favorite bone marrow from bulalo which is tastier, more savory and worth the guilt. 

Next on the list is the Fully Loaded Romaine Heart (P425)- freshly cut romaine lettuce, served with crispy bacon, red onions, tomatoes and topped with bleu cheese dressing. 

A beautiful ensemble of a simple salad bursting with flavors. The winning ingredients for this were the bacon and bleu cheese. It was a surpise how the flavors went well with the fresh and crisp romaine lettuce. 

As for our Main Entrees, we were served with their Cod Fish (P525) - a pan seared Atlantic cod cooked with Spanish chorizo and garlic, served on a bed of salt roasted potato. 

Another beautiful plate of a seared cod atop potato slices with onions and chorizo. The taste and flavors were done perfectly, however, the fish was not that tender and moist. 

Lamb Rack (P675)- rosemary infused rack of lamb served with garden peas and mint

The winning dish for the night was this Rack of Lamb on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes. The meat was tender and juicy, although we were only able to taste a little portion of it due to its serving size. It was good but I've had better. 

Tomahawk Steak 35oz. (P2,895)- aged, hand-cut and grilled to the perfect temperature

But the night's highlight was this huge aged and hand-cut Tomahawk Steak. It looked really really good cooked medium with a pinkish center. We got the end part of the steak so it was a bit well done and tough to chew. I still prefer the Lamb Rack, but I'm pretty sure steak lovers will enjoy this one.

As for dessert, we had the Frozen Lime Souffle (P295)- light and airy lime infused frozen souffle, garnished with candied lime and walnut powder

It was creamy and refreshing at the same time with texture of ice cream and sorbet combined. I was hoping for a tangier and citrusy flavor from the souffle given that it's lime, nevertheless, it was a great meal ender.

Happy 1st Year Anniversary Village Tavern!! 

It's Beryllicious Picks:
Crispy Clams w/ Spicy Lemon Dip
Fully Loaded Romaine Heart
Lamb Rack

Check out my first visit to Village Tavern:

Village Tavern
2nd Level Bonifacio High Street Central,
7th Avenue corner 29th Street, Taguig
Contact Num: 621-3245

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