June 27, 2013

Where To Eat in Puerto Princesa, Palawan: Haim Chicken Inato

One of the first and original chicken house in Puerto Princesa, Palawan is Haim Chicken Inato located in Balay Inato Pension along Manalo Extension. Since the House of Big Brother is also located along Manalo Extension, we decided to walk it out to Haim's. It's quite a long walk honestly, but the fine weather and secure environment makes it feel safe to walk around the area even at night. 

We finally arrived at Haim's and settled at one of the many gazebo structures where guests dine in. It has this round table with a lazy susan that reminds me of a Chinese restaurant. One may also dine in one of the several rectangular tables with hanging lamps above them. The open area was very spacious where one could just hang out and enjoy the night. 

Chicken Inato (wing) (P85)

Haim's Chicken Inato is quite similar to chicken inasal, a very delicious chicken inasal that is. It may look like just a regular chicken barbecue but this certainly is one of the best. The chicken was so tender even though it was a wing/breast part. It was also so juicy that you can taste the flavor inside and out. 

Chicken Inato Hot & Spicy (leg) (P90)

As for the Chicken Inato Hot & Spicy, it wasn't hot nor spicy at all. In fact it was sweet rather than spicy. Taste wise, I would prefer this over the original, because of the sweet glaze coating outside. My only comment is that since it's only available in leg part, the size was significantly smaller than the previous one. Nevertheless it was still juicy and delicious!

Sizzling Tuna (P175)

Now this Sizzling Tuna was a disappointment. First, it didn't look appetizing at all, and when we tried it, the sauce tasted like ketchup and the tuna tasted a bit fishy too. Honestly, we should have ordered another Chicken Inato. 

Chicken Tinola

A huge serving of hot Chicken Tinola Soup with lots of veggies and papaya to warm our tummies. 

Haim Chicken Inato Menu:

Haim Chicken Inato
Manalo Extension, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Tel Num: (048) 433-8595