February 7, 2014

A Guide to Granada City in Andalucia, Spain

The city of Granada is located in the region of Andalucia, in Spain. The city's main landmark is the ancient Moorish fortress of the Alhambra, and the city is known for its abundance of tapas bars.

Photo source: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Granada

Visit the Alhambra.
The ancient fortress and palace is located on a hill. The main building is the Alhambra. Nearby is the Gibralfaro palace, which has a tunnel that connects it to the Alhambra. After touring the ancient buildings visitors will be able to enjoy a stroll around the gardens, which are decorated with fountains.

Photo Source: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Vista_de_la_Alhambra.jpg

The Patio of the Lions and the Patio of the Myrtles are two famous patios located on the grounds of the Alhambra. The Patio of the Lions is a large hall decorated with white marble columns and a fountain with the statues of eight golden lions. This patio leads to the Hall of the Two Sisters, a reception halls where the floor is made up of two identical large marble slabs. After visiting the patios visitors can enjoy a walk in the gardens, which are filled with many decorated fountains and pools.

Spend an afternoon in the Albaicin.
The district of the Albaicin is one of the city's most visited areas. Located near the Alhambra, the area has views towards the reddish fortress. The Cerro de San Miguel is a hill located in the district that is a popular meeting spot for those who want to enjoy the sunset and views towards the Alhambra. This district is filled with traditional restaurants and tapas bars.

Photo source: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albayzin

Tapas are local appetizers that are served with each drink ordered. Granada is known for its large portions of tapas and for their variety. Visitors will be able to try patatas bravas potatoes served with spicy sauces, pimientos de padrón fried spicy peppers and other local delicacies, including traditional salmorejo vegetable soup and many types of jamón ham. After some tapas in several of the city's bars visitors can enjoy the city's nightlife and a flamenco show.

Walk around the city center.
There are many cultural and historical attractions in this city. The city's cathedral is one of its main landmarks, a large building decorated with paintings sculptures. Walking along the nearby Darro street visitors, filled with terrace bars and shops, visitors will be able to enjoy the city's traditional architecture.

The Sacromonte district is another ancient district. There are many flamenco bars in the area, and visitors will be able to tour the traditional cave houses. Another one of the most popular places to visit on a trip is the  Realejo district, which used to be the city' Jewish Quarter. This area is filled with whitewashed houses decorated with bougainvilleas and other colourful flowers.

A short distance away from the city, out in the countryside, is the historical Cartuja Monastery. This monastery is known for its decorative arches and patios and is a pleasant day trip from the city center.

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