February 7, 2014

The Goose Station- Degustation and Molecular Gastronomy at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

We've always wanted to dine at The Goose Station owned by chef couple Rob and Sunshine Pengson. Fortunately, a thanksgiving business event was hosted by Acer to treat its partners to an intimate and gastronomic dinner. 

We were initially served with a complimentary plate of baguette, honey wheat bread and focaccia. 

I love the baguette for its texture which was hard and crunchy on the outside, but soft and chewy on the inside. In terms of taste, I prefer the sweet whole wheat bread.

Foie Gras Cone- foie gras mousse, port jelly, fig ham, hazelnut

I've been looking forward to finally try their signature Foie Gras Cone. It was basically thin filo cone filled with a light and airy foie gras mousse, topped with port jelly, fig ham and hazelnut. I loved it! And as usual, the anti-foie gras D didn't. 

Beet Garden Salad- textures of beet, carrots, coffee crumbs, goat cheese, asparagus coulis

The moment this plate was served in front of me, I was like "Ok, how do I eat this?" Seriously, I have no idea if I should mix it all together, or try each ingredient one by one. I glanced around to see how others would eat it and realized they don't have any idea either. It's a very unconventional salad bursting with flavors and textures- smooth, creamy, sweet, nutty, refreshing, grainy, earthy, healthy, clean, crunchy, soft, cold. It was very exciting to discover a different taste and texture bite after bite. 

Roasted Squash Soup- squash blossoms, pumpkin seeds, sour cream, chorizo, corn

A playful and creative way to serve up a hearty bowl of soup. Taste was nothing spectacular, but plus points for presentation. 

Tuna Tartare and Lychee Mojito

This duo served as a palate cleanser before our main course. I liked both especially the Lychee Mojito. How I wish they served it in a glass ;)

Salmon- tomato risotto, parmesan froth, basil oil  pickled bokchoy, tomato confit

This was D's main course. The salmon was so-so, almost overcooked, but he dig the tomato risotto. 

Chicken Roulade- sweet potato puree, glazed baby carrots, asparagus, puffed quinoa

I ordered for the Pork Belly, but due to an error, I got this Chicken Roulade instead. Honestly, after trying out the salmon, I didn't expect much from my order. But after one bite, I was totally impressed. Not with the serving size, but with the flavorful elements and overall taste of this dish. Getting my order wrong never felt this good! :)

Strawberry Sorbet- strawberries smoked compote, sorbet, granita, chips served with cardamom creme anglaise 

A strawberry sorbet with various textures. It was sweet and creamy, smooth and icy, with crisp strawberry chips poured with cardamom creme anglaise. This was really good.. but also very sweeeeet! 

Chocolate Caramel- layers of chocolate, hazelnut dacquoise, caramel cream with passion fruit

Another delicious and mouthwatering dessert! The waiter poured over some chocolate in the middle until a crater suddenly formed. Once again, this had various textures and contrast of flavors- chocolatey, caramely, creamy, sweet and tangy. 

Petit Fours

I'll admit, dining at The Goose Station is not cheap, but the experience makes it all worth it. We probably wouldn't dine here on ordinary days, but I'll definitely consider this for special occasions. It amazes me how each dish was meticulously prepared with a creative play of flavors and textures. Molecular gastronomy at its finest!

The Goose Station
G/F, W Tower, 39th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel Num: 5569068