April 5, 2017

Gigi Gaerlan Custaroons- Delectable Sweets Match Made in Heaven ♥

It's been years since Gigi's Custaroons rose to fame with its signature product, the Custaroon- a smooth and creamy custard flan, topped with a chewy and buttery crust of coconut macaroon. Truly a match made in heaven, that could make someone like me, who doesn't even like coconut, indulge in this heavenly piece. 

Over the years, the packaging for Gigi's custaroons evolved, new products were added, and new flavors came out, but these things remained consistent: the taste and quality of the custaroons, plus the joy it brings to the people who try them.

The signature Custaroon comes in Original and Cheese flavor at P50 and P55 per piece respectively. 

It also comes in a bite-size option for those who may find the sweetness overbearing after a few bites.

These bite-sized Cheese Macarons (P490/30pcs) are perfect to enjoy one pop at a time.

The regular-size custaroon, on the other hand, is for sweet tooths who can't get enough of the buttery treat. 

Gigi Gaerlan also came up with new flavors that are equally lip-smacking, creamy, and delicious- Green Tea and Coffee. Both were amazing, and while the classic flavors are sure-fire bestsellers, I won't be surprised if these new variants sell equally well. 

Fret not chocolate lovers, as there is also something for you at Gigi's Custaroonery. Their bestselling Original Custaroon Poppers (P180/box of 9, P350/box of 25) are mini custaroon balls coated in a premium chocolate powder. Other available flavors are chocolate, coffee and green tea. 

Share the joy of Gigi's Custaroons and take home some of these sweet treats to your loved ones now. 
Check out where you can find Gigi's Custaroons branches here: www.custaroons.com/shops

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