April 11, 2017

Thai Original BBQ & Restaurant L.A. to Manila: Family-Style House Specials in BGC

Thai Original BBQ is a franchise that originated in Los Angeles, California back in 1978. The two founders, Pat and Tammy Ngamari, wanted to introduce the flavors of the East, to the growing number of foodies in the US, hence, they came up with an original bbq concept, that will showcase the playful and complex flavors of Thai cuisine.

Now, Mr. George Pua, president of No Limits Food Inc., the same group behind Tony Roma's, Ogawa Traditional Japanese Restaurant, Modern Sichuan, KPub Bbq, and Oppa Chicken, brings that sought after flavors of Thai Original BBQ to Manila.

Located at The Fort Entertainment Complex in BGC, Thai BBQ opened its doors last November and has recently been awarded as Thai Select for authentic Thai cuisine by the Ministry of Commerce Thailand.

Few months after its opening, we were invited to try some of Thai BBQ's key dishes and House Specials.

Aside from the restaurant's best-selling classic dishes such as the Green Papaya Salad, Yum Pla Dook Foo or Catfish Salad, Tom Yum GoongThai Curry, Pad Thai, Pineapple and Bagoong Fried Rice, Thai BBQ is also known for its House Specials that are generous in servings and ideal for big groups and families.

Tom Yum Goong

Thai BBQ's House Specials are for-sharing platters of  bbq selections, served with generous portion of their Shrimp Fried Rice.

Sate Combination Dinner (P620)

The sate combination dinner is the best choice for you to sample all sate skewers on the menu. It comes with 2 chicken, 2 pork and 3 beef sate sticks, served with cucumber salad and peanut sauce.

Pork Sate

The sate variants were all marinated in special Thai spices to produce that distinct and aromatic flavor. My personal favorite was the chicken sate which was very tender and meaty.

Another noteworthy dish during our visit was the Crispy Duck Dinner (P680) featuring a delicious deep-fried honey-glazed duck, crisped to perfection. I came in late, so this was only what's left of the whole dish.

My kind of duck though was Thai BBQ's Honey Duck Dinner (P680) which came in a sweet honey sauce that complemented both the rice and duck really well. 

For a meatier option with a little bit of fat goodness, the BBQ Spareribs Dinner (P580) definitely won't disappoint. I liked that the pork spareribs were not too fatty, but at the same time still moist and juicy with its sweet honey glaze. 

For seafood lovers, there's also Rama Shrimps and Scampi ala Thai Dinner (P640) featuring healthy dishes of large shrimps cooked either in cream-butter sauce, or sauteed in garlic. 

Rama Shrimps

Other House Specials included on Thai BBQ's menu are: 
Gaiyang BBQ Chicken (P530), Grilled Milkfish Dinner (P320), and Teriyaki Salmon Dinner (P520). 

The Lemongrass Iced Tea (P120) and Pandan Iced Tea (P120) we had were equally refreshing and sweet. I'm looking forward to trying the Thai Milk  Iced Tea (P140) on my next visit.

Can't leave Thai BBQ without having a taste of their classic Thai desserts. 

First on the list was this heavenly Sticky Rice with Mango (P280) in coconut milk. 

But the winning choice for dessert was this luxurious cup of Ruamit (P420) or Thai Halo-Halo. It had generous toppings of langka, taro, sweet potato, kaong, and Thai red rubies or water chestnuts topped with 2 scoops of ice cream. An order may seem to be quite expensive, but serving size was big and can be shared by 4 or more people. I only wish they'll have this in a smaller version, because I don't think I'll be able to finish one on a date. It was really huge and filling! 

Thai BBQ shows that there's more to them than just your regular Thai dishes. While I was not able to try the usual no-fail Thai classics, being able to sample Thai BBQ's house specials gave an impression that the family-style restaurant banks on authenticity of flavors with a western flair, affordability of prices coupled by generous servings, and most importantly, consistency and quality of food and service just like in L.A. 

Thai Original BBQ & Restaurant
The Fort Entertainment Complex, 5th Ave cor 28th St. 28th St, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Tel Num: 846-0000
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