February 20, 2015

The Jollibee Tuna Pie Trio is Back in a Trio Pack- Limited Time Only!

Our favorite TUNA PIE from Jollibee is back! 

For a limited time, Jollibee is putting the Tuna Pie back on their menu. Perfect for the Lenten season! 

Avail the Tuna Pie for only P40 each, or if one is not enough, get the Tuna Pie Trio Pack for only P115.

Golden brown and flaky crust, the crunchy and sweet baked pastry successfully brings joy at first bite. 

You'll definitely get your money's worth as each pie is generously filled with chunky and creamy tuna goodness! I may forever be a fan or their sweet Peach Mango Pie, but this variant comes close to second. Each bite is packed with savory flavors from the tuna and onions, while it gets a sweet contrast from the sweet and flaky crust.

So what are you waiting for?  Enjoy a delicious and guilt-free snack of Jollibee Tuna Pie today! 

Catch them before they're gone!


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  2. Marykay MarilaoMarch 18, 2015

    Wow! Thanks for this info. I love Jollibee Tuna Pie especially this lenten season.


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