February 12, 2015

Nails In Style Nail Art Spa- Glamorous Nail Art in SM San Lazaro

Earlier last month, I discovered a nail salon that includes free nail art to all their manicure and pedicure services. I normally do my own nails at home, and at times, I even have the patience to do nail arts (check some designs here).  But upon seeing the nail art designs at Nails In Style, I was completely convinced that the designs I have done were amateurish if not boring as compared to the limitless creations they have. Now, I feel I should settle for nail art stickers when I plan to do-it-myself at home.

Then again, why do it at home when you can have beautiful and glamorous nail art without going over the budget. Nails In Style offers their basic manicure package for as low as P230! And yes, that price already includes free nail art!

Nails In Style is located at the 3rd level of SM San Lazaro- a bit far from people in the North and South, but fortunately, it was near my place.

Upon entering, first thing I noticed were the vast collection of nail polishes on their display. They use imported brands such as Orly, OPI, Cuccio, Revlon, Zoya, China Glaze, and Seche.

I've had a good experience at Ecru after trying out their Gel Polish last time, so I decided to check out Nails In Style's Signature Gel Nail Art.

Fashionista (Care + Gel Color Art) - P600
Glamorous (Care + Gel Color Art)- P900

Fashionista includes basic nail care package + gel polish+ nail art (limited rhinestones and accessories)
From the word itself, Glamorous includes basic nail care services + gel polish + nail art with glamorous designs and more rhinestones and accessories.

I tried the Glamorous package and chose a style from their collection of nail art designs and samples.

A great thing about Nails In Style is that they offer a collection of pre-designed nail art creations by nail art experts and technicians. All you have to do is browse through the album provided and choose the specific style you want.

Choose from classy, sleek and elegant designs, to playful, funky and vibrant styles that match your personality. They also come up with movie-inspired designs like Olaf from the movie Frozen, and styles that suit the season. It took me some couple of minutes before I was able to finally choose a design. 

The session begins with basic manicure (cut, clean, file, buff).

My feet were also pampered to a relaxing SpaPedicure which includes food scrub, foot masque, callous removal, foot wrap and massage. I opted for the Zoya Pixie Dust in Liberty for my toenails.

They use EZ Flow TruGel nail polish that comes in a variety of colors. I chose the shade Tiffany for that timeless and classy look.

The session took more than 2 hours and I just had to thank my nail art technician Crizelle for being so patient in doing my nails. There was no moment when I felt that she was rushing her work just to get it done. In fact, she looked so excited after putting the rhinestones and beads one by one. She was even thrilled and proud upon seeing the end result of her masterpiece. 

Who wouldn't be? It was amazing and probably the most glamorous and beautiful nail art I've ever had.

I was initially worried with the rhinestones as they might fall off easily. But until today (1 month after), only the gold strips were removed and 2 of the small gold metal balls (which is not quite obvious). Nails In Style uses quality glue to hold everything together and at the same time, does not damage the nails. Thank you Nails In Style for the relaxing and glamorous nail spa and nail art experience!

Nails In Style Nail Art Spa
3rd Floor, SM City San Lazaro, Felix Huertas Street, cor. A. H. Lacson Ext., Sta. Cruz, Manila
Contact Num: 734-6800

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