June 28, 2014

Places to Visit in Tagaytay- Puzzle Mansion and Yoki's Farm

During my Tagaytay trip with the family last Holy Week, we planned to visit the Puzzle Mansion owned by the Guinness World Record holder Ms. Gina Gil-Lacuna. The mansion boasts to have the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles in the world. 

The place is quite hidden, but you'll definitely find your way without getting lost as they put up a  lot of banners and signages along the highway. It's also on the way going to Wilson's Place Bed & Breakfast along Maglabe Drive near Bag of Beans.

There's an entrance fee of P100 for those who want to go in and check out the museum. 

I love doing puzzles. D and I have finished a total of 5 puzzles and still have 3-4 sets to go. Puzzle making is just one of the things we love doing together during our free time. Check out our puzzles here and here

Puzzle Mansion has an overwhelming 1,030+ puzzles and counting. 

You'll be amazed with all her creations. Vintage puzzles, Disney puzzles, Coca-Cola puzzles, scenic puzzles, countries, flowers, animals, famous people, landmarks and paintings, cartoon characters, you name it, she got it!

Aside from regular 2D puzzles, Puzzle Mansion also has 3D puzzles like these wooden dinosaurs, globe puzzles, and historical buildings and landmarks.

After checking out all the puzzle collections on the first floor, we went upstairs where various puzzles of different designs and styles are for sale. 

My cousin bought a puzzle of Van Gogh's Cafe Terrace at Night and Ms. Gina Gil-Lacuna gladly posed for a photo and signed her puzzle. 

Aside from the Puzzle Mansion, we also visited Yoki Farm owned by the same people behind Wilson's Place Bed & Breakfast, and Balay Indang.

Yoki Farm is known for their hydroponic method of growing vegetables and plants.  Hydroponics is a planting method using water and mineral solutions rather than planting it in soil.

Fresh and crisp greens are available at very low prices.

They also have potted herbs and plants.

Then there's an aviary where various birds can be found.

Another highlight in Yoki Farm is the vast collection of antiques and artifacts found behind a vault door.

Visitors can request for a private tour inside to check all antique collections.

The big Laughing Buddha must have brought wealth and prosperity to Yoki's Farm. :)

It must have brought longevity and good health to this old tortoise that feeds on lettuce as well.

Puzzle Mansion
Cuadra Street, Brgy Asisan, Tagaytay City

Yoki's Farm
Tabluan Road, Brgy. Palocpoc 1, Mendez, Cavite

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